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A beauty of a garden is defined by its plants, flowers, grass, and layout; however if the plants are put in beautiful plant holders and hangers, it only accentuates the natural appeal of your garden. Noah’s Ark boasts of a wonderful collection of plant holders and hangers specially created by artisans keeping in mind the look and feel of natural garden spaces. The garden planters are extensively made of reused candy wrappers, different metals like iron, aluminum, brass and recycled bicycle parts which is to honor the commitment of Noah’s Ark to reusability of materials. The collection of plant holders and hangers is no less creative. A large cat made of shinning brass holding a plant holder on her back; an electric blue bucket with painted motifs on it and a small reused wooden handle; a sleek carbon black bucket made metal; a fusion of wrought iron designer stand with a green glass plant holder hanging it; brass plant holder with flowery motifs carved on them; beautiful artifact styled reused wooden plant holders and of course a set of five reused tin plant holders attached to a trendy iron stand are just some of the highlights of a widely creative collection of plant holders and hangers which is created by the artisans of Noah’s Ark.