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- Lighting your house, work place, spaces, corners and wide areas is one of the prime decorative essentials of Christmas. With Noah’s Ark Christmas lights, you can give your spaces that special look and feel the real spirit of Christmas in every nook and corner of your home. Depending on your own sense of lighting, you can pick the lights that highlight your spaces with the very best of lighting effects. The reusability effect is very much prevalent even in the lights made by Noah’s Ark artisans. Reused bicycle chains, rims, and other bicycle parts, reused wood, cutlery, etc are beautifully used for these lighting creations. Wooden candle and small lamp holders, designer candle holders with messages of peace, love, hope in matted black, silver, wine color, and natural wood color need special mention. Also of great interest is the decorative lights thali creatively made using a thali which is usually used in Indian homes to eat food.