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Christmas Nativity is a quintessential part of any Christmas celebration. Especially for the kids, it is a must. Dioramas, Christmas story boards, Jesus, Mother Mary, Santa Claus figurines, Christmas cards, Christmas Craft Kits for kids and so forth. Noah’s Ark pays special attention to the creation of kids special Christmas Nativity so they enjoy their favorite festival with their dearest Santa Claus to the hilt. Eye catching matted black metal nativity of Mother Mary rocking infant Jesus in the cradle; sparkling silver decorative set of wine glasses and angels on a round rim; hand painted set of travelling traders on camel through a dessert; pretty candle holders made of reused white and colored glass with messages of joy, peace, love inscribed on them; words like peace, love created out of silver and white metal on decorative art pieces, Christmas tree; jingle bells; hand painted nativity designs of mother Mary and infant Jesus on beautiful wall hangings are some of the highlights of the eclectic collection of nativity created by gifted artisans of Noah’s Ark.