1.     That Noah’s Ark will continue to work with the marginalized producers and will build their capacity, by helping them to establish their own workshop, so that they could stand on their own feet and come out of the poverty cycle.

 2.     The Noah’s Ark will try to improve their working condition of its existing artisans by educating them about Fair Working Condition & work ethics and helping them to achieve these by providing those grants & training. Noah’s Ark will teach/guide the artisan about the health and safety measures.

 3.     That Noah’s Ark will work for sustainability of such artisans and make sure that artisan get regular work to adhere to Fair Trade principles.

 4.     That Noah’s Ark will be very transparent in its working. If anyone asks for any records or talk to artisans directly, they will make these available and will involve staff and artisans, wherever applicable, in decision making. Also we will make sure that our suppliers are transparent to their workers.

 5.     That Noah’s Ark will support & invest part of its profit in the projects related to Children education, Clean drinking water, Capacity building, Sanitation & Health for artisan, staff and community.

 6.     That Noah’s Ark will ensure that the fair Business model is adopted which could be fair wages, providing advance for the artisans and artisans/workers are trained to supply quality merchandise in time to the buyers

 7.     That Noah’s ark will ensure that there should be no discrimination for any kind and specially the women are equally paid as men and their dignity is being honored and the workers have freedom speech and association.

 8.     That Noah’s ark will contact the organization with similar objective for business.

 9.     That Noah’s Ark is strictly against Child Labor will make sure thatno children are used in production and will not buy the goods from such artisans where child labor is seen.

 10.  That Noah’s Ark will promote Fair Trade through correct information on its website and raise awareness amongst its staff and workers.

 11.  That Noah’s Ark will use and also train its artisans to use environment friendly production techniques and use the sustainable raw materials and reducing the packaging materials and plastics gradually every year.