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A garden requires gardening tools, as much as it needs it plants and flowers, in order to keep pruning the beauty of the garden Spades, cutters, diggers, and many such garden tools come in handy while you are beautifying your garden. Noah’s Ark has with great care designed some very aesthetically beautiful garden tools that are as beautiful as they are useful for sprucing up your garden plants. Made in reused wood and metal, several variations of artistic handles, tools, etc are easily available. Striking stainless steel 202 and 208 tools with earthy reused wooden handles; reused wooden spades and diggers; carbon black iron tools with reused wooden handles make for some very useful yet pretty looking garden tools.

  • Garden Tools S/ 3
    Garden Tools S/ 3

  • Garden Tool (Dibber )
    Garden Tool (Dibber )

  • Garden Stick Brown...
    Garden Stick Brown Powder Coating

  • Garden Tool S/ 2 Polished
    Garden Tool S/ 2 Polished