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Every household needs and uses boxes in different shapes and sizes for different purposes of storage, decoration, etc. Noah’s Ark with the help of its gifted artisans makes decorative boxes in recycled wood, and metal both. Hand painted motifs of ethnic artistry on these boxes makes them a sheer delight to the eyes.

  • Box Bamboo
    Box Bamboo

  • Tea Box
    Tea Box

  • Tea Box
    Tea Box

  • Tea Box
    Tea Box

  • Box

  • Gem Stone Box
    Gem Stone Box

  • Trinket Box Brass Antique
    Trinket Box Brass Antique

  • Box Galvanized Sheet
    Box Galvanized Sheet

  • Box S/4 Galvanized Box
    Box S/4 Galvanized Box

  • Box S/5
    Box S/5

  • Box S/5 Painted
    Box S/5 Painted

  • Ceramic Drawer Cabinet
    Ceramic Drawer Cabinet