Social work

The social work is looked after by our registered NGO named Noah’s Handicrafts & Artisan

Welfare Society and is wholly funded by Noah’s Ark. In 2010-11 we spent roughly US$ 25000 on the projects and welfare schemes. Different projects and activities are run which are as follows:

1. Project Ashkiran:  Ashkiran means “Ray of Hope”: Schooling projects run at 3 different locations to educate the poor and children of artisans at free of cost. Approximately 250 children are being educated under these projects. These projects were started for the children of artisans and field workers where free education including books is provided. Roughly US$ 12000 are spent in these projects yearly.

2. Project Pyas: Pyas means “Thirst” and this is a clean water projects in the artisans workshop. We are providing water filter or systems in artisan workshops because in most of the workshop the artisans drink from shallow bored hand pumps. So far we have done this in almost in 30 workshops and we hope to do it in all our artisans’ workshops in next two years.

3. Project Umeed: This is a “Hope” project for grass root artisans, where we provided them infrastructure to work independently to earn more. During last 20 years many artisans have been benefitted and are now workshop owner. Capacity building is not always easy as you have put many things at stake. Especially you have to trust the artisan as you are putting finance in his welfare and if he is not able to earn your investment is lost.

4. Project Disha: We are also running stitching school for the young daughters of artisans age 14 and above where these girls learn stitching & embroidery as these are important skills nowadays in handicrafts sector also. At present there are about 40 girls learning the skills free of cost.

Beside the above projects we also organise regular camps (eye, dental, health) for children at our schools, artisans and general community. People coming for these camps are treated free of cost as we have agreement with team of voulanteer doctors.