About us

History:  Noah’s Ark was founded & started by Mr. Samuel Masih from one room of his house in 1986 when nobody knew “Fair Trading” and it was more related to social work. The idea came following his previous work experience when Mr. Samuel observed that the artisans were not confident in presence of his other business associates & he discovered that these associates were taking a personal commission from these artisans for each order. He studied on the working terms and conditions of metal crafts men of Moradabad and observed that the big exporters were not involving their money in the production at all. They were not only using the small artisan’s money but also were giving very low wages. These situations gave him the will to create an organization, which would be honest toward the artisans sustaining good relationships, based on reciprocated trust. Samuel was persuaded that, on the long run the quality of relationship with artisans would be better and better. After the difficulties of the beginning, Noah’s Ark came to a turning point in 1988, when Samuel came in contact with “Sullivan Florist‟ in the United States where he explained the Goals & Objectives to the owner Mrs. Sullivan. She was very impressed and showed her interest to work closely with Noah’s Ark and placed instantly an order for 70,000 US$. This is the first Noah’s Ark big order, the one that made all difference.

Mission: Our mission has been to commit ourselves and our producer groups to Fair Trade and to change lives of grass root artisans through education and capacity building so that they may stand on their own feet, become more aware of fair working conditions and environment in order to prove the value, Cultural heritage & beauty of their hand made products and continuing the improvements collectively towards poverty eradication.
Credentials: Noah’ Ark is a member of World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) and Fair Trade Forum (FTF) India and also hold ISO 9001-2008 certification. Also we are one of the Pilot projects (SFTMS) from India for Fair Trade Product Label.

Facility: We have 10000 sq ft of working place with qualified staff to work professionally and offer best services to our clients. Most of our artisan, staff and clients are working with us since long time as we very much thrust on sustainability and mutual trust.
Artisans: Noah’s Ark work with about 49 artisan groups involving approximately 500 artisans and 30% of these are women.  The main places for production are Moradabad, Saharanpur, Nagina, Jaipur, Sari Tarin, Delhi, Hapur, Firozabad & Amritsar.  We pay fair wages which are more than 10+15% than the local wages and our supervisors do two stage monitoring for certifying production quality, working condition and ensure that the correct wages are being paid. Also we do capacity building for artisans and during last 15 years we were able to establish workshop for more than 20 grass root artisans.